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 What  is LIFE LEASE

Life Lease

In life lease housing, the buyer does not own the property. The life lease holder holds an interest in that property.

The life lease interest gives the holder the right to occupy (live in) a unit, rather than own the unit itself. The life lease sponsor owns the property.

Fixed value Life Lease

This is also called the “no gain” model. The sponsor purchases the life lease back from the holder (or their estate) for the same amount originally paid when the holder purchased the life lease. The sponsor retains a percentage of the amount as an administrative and refurbishing fee.

This model allows the sponsor (not the market) to control the life lease price.

For more info check our FAQ page or Review this Guide 


There is only one Waiting List, however you can choose to be an Active or Inactive Applicant. Everyone's Priority on the list is determined by their Application Date.


An Active Applicant is one who is ready to move in  as soon as a Unit is Available.


An Inactive Applicant is one who intends to move in at some future date, but wants to get their Priority Placement confirmed early.

Waitlist Policy

You can find the EASR Waitlist Policy  here

If you apply for one of our Lifetime Memberships in EASR at the same time as making a Waitlist Application, you will save the separate $100.00 Waitlist Application fee*. For more information on the different Membership Levels please visit our Membership Page

Note: Fees subject to change without Notice

If you are already a Lifetime  Member of EASR and wish to apply for the Waiting List, please download and complete the "Waitlist Application Form for Existing Lifetime Members" which can be found here. Then (e)mail it to the address below.

You can also Download a Manual Waiting List Form (or if you wish to take out a Lifetime Membership at the same time  you can download  a Manual Combined Lifetime Membership and Waitlist Application Form ) and  complete it offline and then (e)mail it to the address below.

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