The following FAQ's are current at the time of writing but are subject to change at any time without Notice!

General FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the right time to move to The Elms?

Probably when you have had enough of all the chores involved with owning or living in a house - or you winter in the south and don't want to worry about your house while you’re away. In The Elms, you will have a safe, comfortable, convenient location in beautiful park-like surroundings with compatible retired or almost-retired tenants.

How old do I have to be to move into The Elms?

Residents are required to be 65 years or older at the time of moving into a unit

What Amenities are available at The Elms?

In Phase 1 Elm Flats, we intend to include a coffee shop, banking facility, library, lounge space, activity rooms, guest suite, bicycle storage, etc. We also intend to have a Gathering room, all-purpose meeting and activities rooms; games room; woodworking shop. For the avid gardener, we have a number of vegetable garden patches.  Over time (and after occupancy), for the sports-minded, and only if/when demand warrants, we may be developing courts for Bocce ball, Pickle ball, Badminton, and shuffleboard. There will be trails/walkways for more passive activities. The elevators will take you down to the underground parking garage and public walkways, and in the future, tunnels will inter-connect the buildings with the "Elm Court". This will be ideal during the winter months or on rainy days because you can visit any of the apartment buildings, or Elm Court, without putting on a coat, boots or carrying an umbrella!

Will there be Elm Trees on the property?

The Landscape Architect is proposing some elm trees on the site that are resistant to Dutch Elm Disease

Will any Health Care Services be available at The Elms?

We will be coordinating with a number of Health Care providers for a range of Health Care services.

Will there be an Exercise Program?

We hope to arrange for an exercise program that is designed specifically for seniors.

Will I have to pay for any Health Care Services?

Yes, you may be required to pay for services provided by outside agencies.

What if I need Additional Care?

Should a resident wish or need extra care in addition to that listed above, they should contact Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), Home Care etc. to arrange for such. Our  staff can assist in explaining the services such agencies can offer. If it is determined by the CCAC or EASR that a resident and/or their spouse is no longer capable of caring for themselves or maintaining their living unit, they will need to take the necessary steps to relocate to the first available alternative care  facility.

Can I be guaranteed access to the Sara Vista Nursing Home in Elmvale when I need to move there?

Living at The Elms does not guarantee immediate acceptance into Sara Vista. All applications for Long Term Nursing Care are administered through the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). Residents are advised to contact CCAC to initiate the application process and to indicate that Sara Vista is their preferred choice for admission. It is our understanding that CCAC will attempt to place individuals in the facility of their choice subject to space availability. CCAC application normally requires a person to list three facilities in order of his/her preference.

Will there be a Chaplain on Staff?

It is our intention to arrange with local churches to provide chaplaincy services, and for the implementation of a Spiritual Care program. While we encourage residents to maintain their home church connections, we may arrange for periodic Sunday church services in the Gathering Place. Bible studies and other spiritual related activities may also be organized and open to residents who wish to participate.

What other Amenities are there in the immediate Area?

The Simcoe County Linx bus services come through Elmvale. Elmvale has an active community sports program for all ages. Within one kilometer we have a retail area with a grocery store, pharmacies, a variety of health care providers, restaurants, and a number of specialty stores. There is also a seasonal farmers market. Within a 20 to 30 min drive are the larger communities of Barrie, Midland, and Wasaga Beach offering additional amenities including Recreation Centers with indoor pools, saunas, gyms, and Seniors Centers. Both Barrie and Midland have hospitals offering excellent health care. The Barrie hospital facility has been recently expanded with upgraded health care services provided. To learn more about the City of Barrie, go to the City of Barrie's website at

Are Pets Allowed?

EASR has established the following Pet Policy:

With the exception of service animals, the Corporation has adopted a pet policy that permits Occupants to house domestic pets (cats, dogs, birds, and fish). Any resident wishing to house a pet must obtain written approval from the Corporation and execute and agree to the terms of the Corporation’s pet policy. Only one (1) dog or cat is permitted per unit and these pets must be spayed or neutered and limited to a mature weight of no more than twenty (20) pounds or nine (9) kilograms. No other animals of any kind will be permitted, including exotic, fowl, livestock or aggressive pets of any nature. No pet that is deemed by the Corporate in its absolute discretion to be a nuisance shall be kept by the Occupant in the Unit. An Occupant shall, within one (1) week of receipt of written notice from the Corporation requesting the removal of such pet, permanently remove such pet from the Unit or be considered in default under the Agreement. The breeding of any animals of any kind at The Elms is strictly prohibited. Pet owners must remove all pet waste from common areas, immediately after being deposited.

What are some of the other Rules and Regulations?

A Preliminary version can be found at Schedule H of the Life Lease Occupancy Agreement found here These rules are subject to change without Notice

Do Residents participate in the Management and Governance of The Elms?

The Elms is owned and operated by Elmvale Active Seniors Residence, whose members have elected a Board of Directors consisting currently of 6 individuals. It is anticipated that upon occupancy a majority of board members must be non-residents. In order for residents to participate in the governance and Management of the Elms, they must be a member of EASR.

The residents are encouraged to establish a Tenants’ Committee (or Residents’ Council) to represent all residents. This Committee will have a close liaison with the Senior Management staff.

Do I need to be a Member of EASR to be a Resident?

No. Residents are not required to be members; however, for those that support the Mission, Vision and Values, we encourage you to become a member. As a member you can participate in the decisions of the Corporation (EASR) including elections and being eligible to be a director. Contact us or visit the website for a Membership Application form. The annual membership fee is currently set at $100.00 (renewable annually) or you can pay a lifetime membership of $500.00.

Life Lease and Financial FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I be able to rent a unit instead of Life Lease?

Unfortunately there will be no units available for Monthly Rental in Phase 1. We anticipate that future phases may contain some rental units.

What is the Life Lease Program?

The Life Lease Program is specifically designed for seniors who want to minimize their monthly cost and live in a community setting like "The Elms" with other like-minded seniors. Under this program a resident purchases the right to occupy a Life Lease Suite.

How does it work?

The resident purchases the right to occupy a suite by paying an Entrance Fee based upon the value of the dwelling suite. Residents pay 100% of the value. For general info on Life Lease, please click here to download the Life Lease Housing Resource Guide.

How do I reserve a Unit and what are the Deposit Requirements? 

You will need to complete a Life Lease Reservation Agreement, which outlines the deposit and other requirements. In summary the deposits required are as follows:

1.       $5,000 is payable at the time the Reservation Agreement is signed, and is refundable within 30 days to allow time for legal advice. After 30 days it becomes non-refundable, unless construction does not proceed

2.      Ten percent (10%) of the total cost of the unit (includes the initial $5,000 deposit), is payable when 75% of the units and 75% of the total value of all units in Phase 1 have been reserved. Refundable if not proceeding.

3.      An additional 15% of the total cost is payable at least 30 days prior to start of Construction.

4.      Remaining 75% is payable at the time of occupancy

What are the monthly fees that I will be required to pay?

All residents will pay monthly Occupancy fees. In addition, if you wish to purchase additional services, such as automobile parking, storage locker, etc, additional fees will apply. The Occupancy Fee for each unit will be based on the size of the unit. For preliminary estimating purposes, we anticipate they will be in the order $1.15 to $1.30 per square foot, per month. The first year’s fee will be finalized at the time you move in.

What Operating expenses will be covered in the monthly Occupancy Fee?

The Occupancy fees will cover the cost of the following:

·         Property taxes, Municipal and government fees

·         All utilities (electricity, gas, water and sewer, etc)

·         Capital Reserve Fund

·         Administration costs

·         Repairs and Maintenance to the building, equipment, and grounds

·         Interest charges on debt (mortgages, loans etc.)

·         Insurance on the building (not on personal contents)

.         Retirement Home Regulatory Authority Licensing Fees

.         Other (to be confirmed)

As a Life Lease tenant will I own my suite?

You will only purchase the right to occupy the suite. As the sponsor of "The Elms", Elmvale Active Seniors Residence retains ownership of the facility.

Am I assured my selected unit once I put down my initial deposit and sign the Reservation Agreement?


What happens when I need to vacate the suite?

When you need to vacate your suite, you must provide at least 180 days notice from the beginning of the following month, in which notice was given. During that 180-day period you will remain responsible for all of your monthly fees. Similarly, upon death, your estate remains responsible for the same 180-day period. Upon receiving notification, we will immediately start the process of finding a replacement Life Tenant. Upon receipt of the Entrance Fee from the new resident, we will reimburse you the Entrance Fee that you paid when you moved in, after adjusting for a 1.0% (Or CPI, which ever is lower) increase for a maximum of 5 years and deducting 2.0% for unit restoration and marketing (unless the restoration cost are higher in which the higher cost will be deducted). 

Should a replacement tenant not be available during that 180-day period, where do you obtain the funds to refund my Entrance Fee?

EASR, the sponsor of "The Elms" intends to establish a Refund Fund for that eventuality. The monies in this Fund will to be used explicitly for the purpose of refunding Entrance Fees. 

In the event of my death will I be able to direct that the refund of my Entrance fee be paid to specific family members or other individuals?

Yes, that will be possible. You can do this by including the names of the individuals to whom you wish to have the payment(s) made in the Life Lease document, and the amount will be divided among these people.

If I plan to be away for an extended period of time, can I sublet a suite?

No, we will not allow subletting of any of our suites.

Will I be able to participate if I am not intending to be a resident?

You may wish to provide your parents, relatives or a friend with the funds to Life lease a suite at "The Elms". Our contract will be with the actual occupants, and no one else. At certain times there may be an opportunity for members of EASR to provide private investments to the project. Please contact us for more details on this.

What steps should I take before entering into the Life Lease Program?

It is intended that when the Complex is ready to finalize Life Lease Agreements, and after submitting an application for tenancy in "The Elms" Retirement Community, you will receive a package of documents which should be reviewed by you and your solicitor, and EASR must receive from each applicant written confirmation that he/she has obtained independent legal advice. Alternatively, you may sign a waiver.

Will I have to pay Land Transfer Tax on Closing?

Pursuant to the provisions of Ontario Regulation 88/04, filed April 2 2004, purchasers of Life Lease interests are now exempt from the payment of land transfer tax, provided that the Life Lease corporation is a non-profit corporation or a registered charity, and the purchaser is acquiring the Life Lease interest for the purpose of his or her occupancy of the suite as his or her principal residence or the principal residence of his or her spouse, parent or co-owner.  You can view the Ministry’s commentary in this Ministry Document. Since "The Elms" will be owned and operated by EASR, purchasers of Units in 'The Elms" qualify for an exemption.

How often do the Monthly Fees change?

Monthly Fees will be subject to review annually and will be adjusted based on anticipated costs. Residents will be notified 30 days prior to any adjustments.

What are the Reserve Fees used for?

The Reserve fees will be used to establish a Capital Reserve Fund. This fund will be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors to cover the cost of extraordinary Capital and other Expenses to ensure that the premises stay in excellent condition. These expenses could include major roof repairs, equipment repairs and/or replacement, other major building repairs, capital enhancements etc.

How will we know that the Capital Reserve Fund is adequate?

Our external auditors will review our reserve fund balance as part of our annual audit. Every 5 years we intend to carry out a reserve fund study to determine if the funds we are setting aside are adequate for that purpose.

Do I need to provide my own insurance?

EASR will carry comprehensive all-risk and liability insurance. However, this insurance does not cover the contents of the occupants nor any liability coverage for the residents if they become liable for an occurrence. We will require all residents to carry contents insurance including liability coverage of $2 Million upon move-in, and provide proof of coverage annually

When will construction commence and be completed?

Once all approvals have been obtained and financing is in place, we anticipate construction to start when 100% of the units have been reserved and deposits paid, and be ready for occupancy approximately 24  months after construction start.

When can I  find unit layouts and prices?

You can find them on this website by clicking here

How is the Entrance Fee Amount calculated per suite?

Entrance fees will be based on the Total Development Costs and may be adjusted annually to reflect market and other conditions. It is our objective to price the AVERAGE Unit below  the current AVERAGE HOUSE SALE PRICE in Elmvale and the surrounding community.

What components make up the Development costs and the Schedule?

You can find the details here 

Will the units be supplied with any appliances?

The Life Lease price will exclude the cost of any appliances. However, the Corporation intends to purchase appliances in bulk which will then be made available for separate purchase by the resident. The units will be supplied with rough-ins for a dishwasher, and for a stackable clothes washer and dryer. Any upgrades and repairs will be at the expense of the occupant. Each building will have a common usage (Coin operated) clothes’ washer and dryer. 

Will there be underground vehicle parking with charging stations?

There will be a limited number of underground parking spots available (for approximately 60% to 70% of the units in the apartment building). Some charging stations are also planned to be installed. There will be a rental charge for all residents that require a parking spot (Inside or outside).

Will all units have a balcony?

All ground floor units will have a walk-out patio. The remaining units will have either a standard balcony or a Juliette balcony. Each upper floor will also have a communal balcony.

Will all units have a walk-in shower?

All units are anticipated to have an accessible walk-in shower.

Will the building and units be wheel chair accessible?

The building and units will be very wheel chair friendly. An exception may be the Garden Homes (dependent on final design)

Will Green Technology be incorporated into the buildings?

Our Design team are designing very energy efficient buildings, utilizing a passive house design, and are investigating other options to further improve our energy efficiencies (ie Solar, Geothermal, greywater recycling, etc.).

Will upgrades be allowed before we move in?

All units will have basic flooring, kitchen cupboards, etc. We currently anticipate that there will be upgraded flooring and kitchen selections available for those who reserve a unit early on in the construction process. Any upgrades will be at the cost of the resident  and subject to approval of EASR. These upgrades will remain the property of the Corporation upon vacating the unit. All units will be painted a neutral colour. Residents will be permitted to re-paint their unit after occupancy, upon approval by EASR 

Once I have moved into a unit, can I transfer to another unit if my circumstances change?

Yes, you can, however you will have to adhere to the following process:

  • Make application on the waitlist for a different unit.
  • Apply to EASR to vacate your current unit.
  • If you are the next in line on the waitlist, and EASR has received confirmation of a new resident for your existing unit, EASR will authorize the transfer.
  • You will be subject to the same transfer provisions of the Life Lease Occupancy Agreement as if you were normally vacating your unit, including payment of any restoration fees, etc.
  • The cost of your new unit will be that current at the time of transfer and the Life Lease Agreements in effect at the time of transfer will be applicable

What happens if we are unable to sell our house, can we get a refund on any deposit paid?

As per clause number 31 of the Draft Life Lease agreement, there is no obligation for EASR to refund your deposit under such circumstances.

If we are a couple and one of us passes away before moving in, and the remaining partner chooses not to take the unit, will we get our deposit back?

As per clause number 30 and 31 of the Draft Life Lease agreement, there is no obligation for EASR to refund your deposit under such circumstances.

If I (or if a couple, both of us) pass away before moving in, will our estate get our deposit back?

As per clause number 30 of the Draft Life Lease agreement, EASR will refund 80% of the deposit within 120 days after receipt of a death certificate.

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